dental-implant-2-300x200Here at Roseville Dental Practice, we are proud to offer dental implants for our patients.

Dental implants are titanium roots placed in your mouth for either permanent teeth to be placed on or ones that you can remove.

Dental implants are done to improve a patient’s smile and usually their self-esteem. Having missing or bad teeth can be quite embarrassing. Dental implants also can be done to improve oral health. Many people find it easier to eat with dental implants and find they can function better with them. Dental implants are also more comfortable because they are made to last a long time.

When done correctly, and with proper care, dental implants may last a patient’s whole life. It is very important to brush and floss, your implants and teeth as well as mouthwash when you have implants. Patients still need routine dental check-ups to keep their implants healthy.

If you have any questions about dental implants and how we can help your smile, feel free to contact us today at 01902 678202.