Stain RemovalStained teeth can leave you feeling self conscious about your beautiful smile. Here at Roseville Dental Practice, we specialize in helping patients remove the stains from their teeth.

Your teeth may become stained for many reasons. First, they may be exposed to excessive plaque or tartar build-up. Stains can be caused by something as simple as drinking coffee. Regardless of the reason for the stains, wanting beautiful white teeth is a common desire, and our qualified and friendly staff want to make sure you get the results you want.

We use different methods to remove the stains from your teeth. The severity of the stains is a big consideration when we decide which stain removal option will work best for you.

We have many options from which you can choose. The easiest (though not as effective) is a simple toothpaste whitening option. We also perform scaling which removes the plaque that is causing the discolouration. There are also options for veneers and crowns that can whiten your teeth. Many of the quick procedures that we suggest can be done right in our office.

To ensure that your teeth stay as white as possible, make sure that you brush and floss them daily and see your dentist every 6 months.

If you have any questions about the stain removal process, contact us today at 01902 678202.